PMPM Bulgaria Rose Black Tea Ceramide Soothing Repair Essence/Emulsion

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Suitable for skin type: dry skin / sensitive skin

Efficacy: It contains the essence of rose water, deeply nourishes it, smells the faint rose fragrance and triple ceramide, it replenishes water, and repairs the skin barrier. The weakly acidic PH value is close to human skin, gentle and non-irritating, and can be used on sensitive skin. It can moisturize and lock the skin, repair and soothe dry and fragile skin, whether it is instant moisturizing power or subsequent water-locking ability.

The texture of rose water emulsion is easy to push away, not heavy, easy to absorb, gentle, and non-irritating contains 100% double rose essence
Red yeast essence, triple ceramide essence, 0% addition.

The essence of the water is absorbed and the fragrance of rose essential oil smells nicely after squeaking the face~ Putting it on is like being in a rose manor. Daily light pat to absorb, dull areas with large pores, exploded skin, and reddened areas, you can apply it to a wet compress for 5-10 minutes, refreshing and easy to absorb.

The lotion on the face is refreshing and non-sticky, and the skin feels very nice. The lotion will melt away with one touch, and it is light and unburdened to use in summer~ It is especially friendly to sensitive skin.

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