Japan Limited Edition Yuwa Barley Leaves Powder / Green Juice - 3g x 30 packs

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One Box contain three flavors, each flavor 10 packets
一盒含有三种口味,各口味10包 :

🌿 10 packets of delicious fruit green juice Collagen & placenta

Acerola-flavored green juice containing collagen and placenta. 1000 mg of collagen, placenta, vitamin C, and 150 lactic acid bacteria are added to young domestic barley leaves to create an easy-to-drink acerola flavor.
含有胶原蛋白和胎盘的针叶樱桃味绿色果汁。1000 毫克胶原蛋白、胎盘素、维生素 C 和 150 种乳酸菌被添加到年轻的国产大麦叶子中,创造出一种易于饮用的针叶樱桃风味。

【营养成分表示】 每1包(3g)
热量(3g):11.07kcal、蛋白质:1.32g、脂质:0.04g、碳水化合物:1.36g、盐当量:0.008g、维生素C:160mg、胶原蛋白:1000mg、乳酸菌:150亿、胎盘提取物粉: 10毫克


🌿 10 packets of lactic acid bacteria green juice containing bifidobacteria

A yogurt-flavored green juice containing lactic acid bacteria, enzymes, and yeast. We added 30 billion lactic acid bacteria, 100 million bifidobacteria, 75 kinds of enzymes, and 21 kinds of vegetables to domestic barley young leaves to make it easy to drink yogurt flavor.

【营养成分表示】 每1包(3g)
热量(3g):11.07kcal,蛋白质:0.3g,脂质:0.05g,碳水化合物:2.34g,盐当量:0.003g,乳酸菌:300亿,双歧杆菌:1亿,啤酒酵母:200mg,植物发酵提取粉: 20mg


🌿 10 packets of delicious fruit green juice

A fruit-flavored green juice containing lactic acid bacteria and enzymes. 20 billion lactic acid bacteria, 75 types of enzymes, and 21 types of vegetables are added to young domestic barley leaves to create a fruity taste that is easy to drink.

【营养成分表示】 每1包(3g)


Take 1 packet (3g) a day as a guide, and mix well with about 80 to 100mL of water or a drink such as milk. If you use a commercially available shaker, it will mix well. If you consume it as a powder, it may clog your throat. Be sure to mix it with water or beverages.

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