ISDG Japan Barley Leaf Green Juice - 50 Sticks/Box

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The benefits of drinking green juice are classified by population:

Women drink: can detoxify slimming, beauty and beauty, acne blemishes, regulate endocrine (such as dysmenorrhea, chest distension, backache, palace cold, irregular menstruation, etc.), improve menopausal syndrome, reduce premenstrual tension symptoms, improve sleep, spirit Reduce pressure and regulate the acid-base balance of body fluids.

Men drink: can regulate the stomach, hangover and protect the liver, lower blood fat, regulate blood pressure, detoxify and slim down, improve acidity.

Children drink: It can supplement various nutrients and vitamins needed for growth and development, supplement calcium, help healthy growth and development, improve immunity, enhance physical fitness, correct partial eclipse, protect eyesight, and improve thinking ability.

Old people drink: can lower three high, relieve tendonitis, pain caused by arthritis, prevent osteoporosis.

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